Debauched Subtlety for the minority

Writer's Block: Don’t look back in anger
Only one I had was letting Procrastination pop round for a cup of coffee and he ended up staying for the whole year. Kicked him out last week and he said he will probably bother someone else tomorrow, or next week. He said he may even do it throughout 2012, when he gets round to it.
Do you have any regrets from this year?

New start
First of all I am NOT Serena (for those of you expecting her to be me). As my new name appears high search engines, I had to exploit it for all I could. Current mood *indifferent. I found out today that a dear friend is using me as a character in his novel so will be standing by (with a court order) to see how that develops throughout next year. Staying in tonight and waking with a clear head tomorrow....starting 2012 as I mean to go on. 

A bargain in Virgin? Never thought i would see the day
Went to Peterborough today and it was well busy, bought some slippers and a flask from John Lewis'.
Went to Virgin records, something i never do as i can get cd's etc waaaay cheaper on line. Lo and behold i got 3 cd's for 20 quid and a free DVD with 22 songs on it, all from the Roadrunner label.....kin' fantastic. After my bout of spending money i went t the pictures with a friend to watch Underworld, not quite as good as i expected but i have developed a rubber fetish since this afternoon *grin*
Wrote more of Op MIndcrime 2 and pooped it here if you fancy a butchers: - .................................................................................................................................................................

No nightmare troubled Nicky that evening, his sleep was quite dreamless altogether.

The usual sound of grinding doors and overblown yawns echoed around the building as Carrion and Nicky slid their overalls on ready for another daily grind. They headed down for breakfast and took places in the queue. Nicky received an extra egg on his plate by way of a leaving present from the prison cook.
'Last day Nicky, we'll sure miss y'all' the cook said in his southern drawl. Nicky thanked him without speaking and sat at the usual table with Carrion. No words passed between them as they ate in silence. A few stares met them from other tables from other inmate 'lifers' but again, no words were uttered.
Laundry detail was first assignment which the two men carried out with robotic simplicity.
A guard marched in at 11 am and walked up to Nicky:
'Visitor Nick!' he turned and walked away. Nicky looked incredulously at the prison warden,
'Excuse me?' he said,
'I said visitor, now! Deafness is not something you want to be taking back into the outside world so shift it. Come on drop the sheets and get your ass to the booths'.
Nicky reluctantly made his way through the grey, featureless corridors toward the greyer, featureless visiting booths. He was searched before entering, then accompanied into the room. The guard then told him he had 15 minutes and left him alone.
'Who the hell wants to see me? I ain't had a visitor throughout my term' he continued to wrack his brain.
The door on the other side of the toughened glass opened and a young lady who looked to be in her mid twenties entered and sat opposite him.
'Hey!' she said.
'Hey yourself, who are you?' The girl lit up a cigarette clearly having no regard for the signs and looked Nicky up and down.
'I have some things here that I am allowed to give you' she reached into her handbag and brought out some newspaper clippings. They appeared to be sealed in a polythene bag.
'I know who you are Nicky, I know you are out tomorrow. I know all about Mary and the Priest..'
'Stop! Who are you?' he raised his voice and an image of Father William flashed across his eyes.
'I wish to see you tomorrow, as soon as possible really. I need your help to eliminate a certain someone' she inhaled her cigarette smoke deeply.
'Hello? Fifteen years babe, my eliminating days are over' he laughed. 'Just who the hell do you think you are coming here like this and asking me to help you rub someone out, this is like a bad dream'.
'No dream Nicky and when I said 'eliminating' I meant it in a taking out of the loop and putting away for a very long time kind of way. I believe you will find my offer very rewarding and of great interest to you personally'. She reached into her pocket and brought out a red piece of card about 80mm x 50mm and slid it into the revolving tray with the press cuttings. Nicky spun the tray around and picked up the card.

Nicky's eyes glazed over as he stared at the circle containing the 'X'.
'Now that is interesting' he said.
'You are out at 12 midday tomorrow, get your shit together at the local con digs and I will meet you in Broadland's diner at 1600 got it?' she got up and walked toward the door leaving Nicky to wonder how a pair of jeans can be so tight yet still preserve a girl's modesty. She turned: 'Be there Nicky, I need you'.
What the hell he thought.
As he was escorted back to the laundry, the guard told him how that girl had nailed the former governor of the prison when he went on his prostitute rampage in the local city - she was indeed a journalist and a very tenacious one at that. This intrigued Nicky more than ever and left him with lots of questions. He tried to focus on them and the distinct possibility of Doctor X somehow being involved in his life, even after all this time. Did he put her up to sending this card? Is this the new grooming procedure - a tight ass and a loose tongue?

Carrion was hard at work in the laundry and nodded upon Nicky's return,
'What's the story?' he asked
'That is just what I wish to know' replied Nicky.

A dozen inmates entered the laundry and surrounded Nicky:
'What's going on?' The men suddenly lifted him and dropped Nicky into the sluice sink. The water was switched on and they men proceeded to empty bags of flower, eggs, cooking oil and some other substances that Nicky did not even want to think about, let alone be spitting them out onto his heavily soiled and soaking stomach.
'Leaving rituals suck!' he shouted.

Maidstone and Gloucester
Two places to visit this week and can say that I have never been to any of them before so I am looking forward to my little jaunt. Maidstone on Mon/Tues, back home for a kip Tues night then Glouc on Weds and Thursday hopefully returning home between 9 - 10pm then a few days rest. My programme at the gym has been upped somewhat so my flab should be dropping off (the bit that there is) quicker than normal now. I have dropped below 14 stone which is the lowest I have been since 1991 !!!!!! Illness free too :) Bought a couple of DVD's this week, Iron Maiden Complete video History and David Bowie (I go to see him on Nov 17th) Video collection. 47 video promo's on the Bowie one bloody hell! Great value for 10.87. Web site renovations are going really well and I have received some positive feedback so I guess you guys like it too, thanks! Anyway must go for now as sleep awaits.

Queensryche...The legend lives
Oh joy of joys, I went to the Queensryche web site today and:
FEBRUARY 19th, 2003

Seattle, WA - Founding guitarist, Chris DeGarmo has rejoined his former band mates at an undisclosed studio in the Seattle area. While it cannot be confirmed at this time whether Chris has officially rejoined the band, the group is writing as a complete unit for the first time in 7 years. A representative for DeGarmo confirmed the original lineup is "creating the next Queensrche studio release". Queensrche have amassed numerous gold and platinum awards and were nominated for a Grammy for their Top Ten Single "Silent Lucidity" in 1991.

How happy am I ????
Roll on June at the Astoria London.
Ryche and Roll

What is this world coming to?
So Michael Jackson is peculiar and lives in his own world?
Fair play to the guy, what is the point in watching TV or reading the newspapers to find out how utterly depressing the world is:- War, starvation, racism, terrorism, corrupt governments and perhaps worst of all.....2 young pert Russian girls at number 1 all over the world.
Ok! So Michael probably wishes he was in the same place and can't understand how his publicity does not work the same way as t.a.T.u's , but the world is not interested. The media is so shite at reporting that I don't even call it news anymore. It is a form of entertainment designed get people communicating at work to give them something to bitch about other than each other. How many people now shout at the television? Come on be honest! It's a load of bollocks.....the only thing that worries me is the future. Everyone is out to make their money here and now and whether you are in politics, media, finance, public services or even public houses we are all trying to sustain the life we have part created for ourselves and the part of the jurisdiction we live up to.
God I hate ranting and don't do it too often but I really wished people would worry about themselves as much as other people then the quality of their lives may improve. Sod people in the media, sod politicians, sod the music industry which is totally laughable and has zero credibility, sod the retail industry, sod the housing markets and a big Hurrah! For us lot who survive each day and make no difference whatsoever.......What can you do?

Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!
AT LAST!!!! Something to cheer me up. The postman braved the near fatal task of getting to my house to deliver the first series of Red Dwarf on DVD. Now I know it has been out since Nov but I only managed to save up for it recently ;) (I pre ordered the 2nd series too out 10th Feb)...............bloody bargain at 13.98 a pop, how I love the joys of net shopping.
I'm feeling better than earlier as I have had a good shout at the television. I am reserving the dvd till the weekend and will do the whole 6 episodes in a Red Dwarf night. Guinness is on standby and I will probably do a fine selection of cheeses and biscuits to go with a bottle of red.....lovely jubbly.
Thought I would share that......
As you can probably tell, I have had a bit of time on my hands today......

Good god!
Snow all over the bloody shop and I am stranded.

My back is killing me, the house needs cleaning, my feet are cold, there is not enough coal on the fire and thank god there is some caffeine in the building or someone would cop for it (the dog has been cowering in a corner so he is safe).
I watched some daytime TV today and it quite possibly the biggest pile of cack I have witnessed in recent months. Why does Tricia's audience always look like the same one from a Bradford Council Estate, it is always the same issues....Drugs, teenage pregnancies, errr drugs and lie detection tests. It is hard not to smile and think it is put on sometimes, but Tricia ain't no Jerry Springer (you can tell by the highlights).

I see Richard & Judy are campaigning to get the TATU song banned which confirms my suspicions that they are being paid a portion of the UK profits from the bands' marketing people whilst at the same time cunningly tattempting (geddit?) to draw in extra viewers for their afternoon Channel 4 show that so far attracts people who hit the number by mistake on their remote, as they were going for The Weakest Link.

I will leave on this note. The Highways Agency are spluttering their way through excuses on not getting the roads gritted. I can exclusively reveal that it is the fault of the local Councils who have apportioned funds elsewhere (like holiday expenses) due to the last few mild winters we have had.
This means that the people they employ to grit roads are either:
a) Agency workers who do not do short notice
b) Exisiting employees who are ill, on holiday or whose phones don't mysteriously work (why should they when working for the council?)
c) Non existant.

What a wonderful country we live in!!!!!!
Thank god we have a great fire service......Doh!!!!!!!

Evil Genius?
I am 52% Evil Genius

Evil courses through my blood. Lies and deceit motivate my evil deeds. Crushing the weaklings and idiots that do nothing but interfere in my doings.

Take the Evil Genius Test at

Thanks to j177j for that

Writers Block????
Have I been suffering from it?

Romero's was a quiet bar with a rather ornate, wood effect exterior on the bottom half and dark concreted stone above. Soft, globulous lights hung over each window which were darkened and slightly condensated. A muffled Hank Williams sang as Clarence walked past the entrance, concentrating on missing the fresh drips of water that fell from the hanging baskets which decorated the outside walls he turned back and went inside.

It took me a while to get this down and it is only the beginning of Chapter 17
The cure?
Just keep bloody writing and my actual problem is....that I stopped!
So I will now write every night, even if it is 10 words....whatever....just keep going, the first book is always the hardest.

Other than that I have had a very quiet week and considering where I live it is easy to see (see Galleries 4 & 5 on the web site). I noticed 3 bands I love are playing Bradford Rios on 8th, 15th and 16th March and they are Strapping Young Lad, Anthrax and Opeth so I feel a 10 day excursion up North is on the cards over that period. I am especially looking forward to seeing Anthrax as the last time I saw them was in Dec 1990 supporting Iron Maiden at the NEC in Birmingham.

I designed a book cover for a chap I know over the net and he is quite happy with half of that gave me a feeling of usefulness which I have not experienced since tidying the house then looking in the mirror :)
See what next week brings....

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